Benelux Coffee

Benelux Coffee

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On June 1, 2023, Raleigh Coffee Company acquired the Benelux Coffee roasting operations. This exciting move allowed more capacity and space for the two local coffee roasteries to combine forces and establish an even larger footprint across Raleigh and North Carolina. We are happy to still offer some of the Benelux Coffee favorites to their legacy customers. The cafe in the Village District is separately owned and no longer stocks Benelux Coffee.

Canal Cruiser Blend - Medium and Dark Blend of Central & South America and Sumatra sources

Espresso Blend -  Medium and Dark Blend of Pacific Rim and South America sources

17th Century Blend - Light and Dark Blend of Africa and Pacific Rim sources

Ethiopia - Light Roast, floral with a creamy body

Rwanda - Light Roast, earthy and tea-like body

Panama - Medium Roast, sweet caramel and a round body

Honduras - Medium Roast, brown sugar sweetness and a medium body

Sumatra - Dark Roast, earthy and full bodied

Myanmar - Dark Roast, tobacco like sweetness silky body